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A New Nightmare Begins! The Full Length Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer Is Up!

February 25, 2010

One, Two Jackies coming for you!

New line Cinema have just released a new full length trailer for their remake of the 1984 horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street. Directed by Music Video director Sam Bayer (Teen Spirit, American Idiot) – the new trailer gives a good indication of the overall tone of the picture, and how the nightmare sequences will be visualized. Like all of Platinum Dunes  efforts so far – the remake appears to be dark and bloody, but  in an extremely glossy-hollywood way. Dont get me wrong- the trailer is well put together, but it almost too good-looking for its own good…and I`m not just referring to the cast!  I am a little disappointed to see that the majority of the picture appears to be a beat by beat re-tread of its source material. Most of originals classic scenes appear to be here, with the addition of a modern polish . This is fine for those who are new to the series, but potentially boring to fans of the original. This is just a guess-work at this point, but I suspect that moments from other nightmare sequels will be re-hashed to. Some of the dream sequences in this trailer look suspiciously similar to set pieces we have seen before in other NOES movies. This screams lazy screen writing to me – but time will tell. It is worth noting that a similar approach was used for their Friday the 13th Reboot – and look how that turned out…

As for Freddy himself (played by Jackie Hayley)- the trailer keeps him in shadows for the most part (so I am only going on the glimpses we see here) but I am still not convinced by the characters new look.  The producers have opted for a realistic take on the Kruger’s burns, which on paper sounds like a great idea, but he looks a little to reptilian-like for my tastes. Original actor Robert Englunds Pizza-esque makeup was never ment to be realistic, and it worked perfectly! Besides, the entire concept of  the movie isn’t realistic either – so why not exaggerate a little if it make things scarier? Worryingly, Jackie also appears to be re-using his Rorschach voice from Watchmen. The actor was undoubtedly brilliant in that part – I just he hope he isn’t just phoning Kruger in, and gives the character his own unique personality.

Anyway – as a Nightmare fan, I am still looking forward to this when it hits the UK in May. unfortunately my hopes for a truly good movie have been slashed somewhat by this trailers un-inspired claws.

Check out the movies poster below –


16 Random Moments From Horror That Well And Truly Gave Me The Willies!

February 22, 2010

For you consideration – 16 random horror film moments that really f*cked my sh*t up! 

Read on if you dare – mwahahahahahahahah! *cough!

The Shining (1980)

My first choice is from quite possibly the scariest movie ever made – The Shining! From the first to final shot, Stanley Kubrick’s haunted hotel movie has an underlying feeling of dread and evil that does not let up. The movie is chock full of  memorable moments, but there are two in particular that really stand out…

1) The Grady Twins – While exploring the supposedly empty Overlook Hotel on his tricycle, Danny comes across two little girls standing in the hall, beckoning him to “come play” with them. This classic scary moment has been parodied and rehashed so many times that you would think it would have lost its impact. It hasnt! Without question one of the the most unsettling images every put to screen. No matter how many times I see it, it still has the same effect. The jump cut to their massacred bodies is the bloody toping on a creepy-ass cake that will fast effectively empty your bowels!

2) The Bear Guy – My second choice is the moment that I simply refer to as the Bear Guy scene. Set during the final scenes of the movie,  shit starts to get really real at the Overlook! Jack has gone insane, and the spirits are really starting to make their presence known. One image that has always stuck with me is the surreal glimpse of a guy in a bear suit, kneeling before  random spectral hotel guest. I assume the context is sexual – but it is such a randomly bizarre sight that it frightened me just as much as it did Wendy! Down right odd, down right freaky!

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

Wes Craven may have lost his way slightly with his recent efforts, but his concept for Nightmare on Elm Street is pure genius! A serial killer that hunts you in your nightmares – IS the stuff of nightmares! Certainly was for this young fella who endured months of sleepless nights thanks to catching a late night showing on TV – at an age when he really shouldnt have seen it.  I had just had my 21st birthday when I switched over to….not really. I was about 6. So cut me some slack…

 Ok, so the film is a little dated, and Freddy is now about as scary as puppy disguised as kitten, but the scene above still has the ability creep me out… 

The Body Bag – The heroine of the movie Heather has dozed off while in class. She is awoken by the voice of her recently murdered friend Tina, who is standing in the doorway in a body bag! She orders Heather to follow -which she stupidly does! We then see Tinas ghostly body get carried away by an invisible assailant. Heather pursues and literally bumps into the creepiest hall monitor of all time. I’m not sure why – but this image has always creeped my out.


 JAWS (1975)

There isn’t much to say about Jaws that hasn’t been said a thousand times before. It is a true classic – and one of my ALL TIME favourite movies. It is also the source of my completely irrational fear of the ocean. Heres why…


1) The Estuary Attack – Michael Brody and his friends are attacked by the killer shark in the beaches supposedly safe estuary. The boys make it out alive, thanks to the mysterious guy (possible pervert) in the red boat who takes the brunt of the Sharks attack. The first image above is number 1 on my- Things I hope never happen to me list. For those of us with a fear of Sharks, or of simply being viciously killed – this image is really the stuff of nightmares!

2) Bens Head – While investigating an abandoned boat – Shark expert Hopper dives down to inspect the damage. He comes across a large hole in the side of the boat. The rotting corpse of the boat’s owner unexpectedly falls into view, and scares the living shizzle out of both Hopper, and me! One of the best jump scares ever put to screen! Good work Spielberg!

Ju-on (2002)

Often criticized for their almost complete lack of real plot – the Japanese horror series Ju-on (remade as The Grudge in the US) is full of so many nightmarish images, I could write an entire article just about them. But to keep things brief, here are some of my favourites.

 1) The Stair Scene – The scene where villan of the movie – Kayako – slowly crawls  down the stairs towards her victim is quite simply terrifying. I don’t care what anyone says! The scene is equally horrifying in both the original, and American remake. This is one of the few scene that still freaks me out to this days. (Top left)

2) Kayako and Toshios Bedtime Visit – This simple shot of  Toshio and Kayako quietly watching a sleeping victim never fails to give the me willies. I wouldn’t want to wake up to that! This scene is only in the original Japanese movie.

3) Jaw dropping! – The truly disgusting and unexpected image of a one the curses victims (minus her jaw) is a very unsettling sight. The setup would take to long to go into – but it is definitely a great jump out of your seat moment.  This scene only appears in the American remake.

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

The Nightmares – Jon Landis`s super fun, super freaky horror comedy includes two awesomely scary nightmare sequences. The first is a short jump scare involving the movies lead David awakening from a nightmare – although not quite, as you can see from the shot on top. As a kid, I always had to look away from the screen when this happened, until one day I managed to keep them open and endure it – which was a real personal achievement for me at the time!

The second moment is the completely weird Werewolf  Nazis nightmare. While David is in hospital, he dreams that he is safely back at home with his family. There is an unexpected knock at the door. A gang of Nazi werewolves storm into the house a massacre Davids family before him. Once they are all dead, they slash his throat. Surreal and all kinds of Messed-up! As my mother always said – there is only one thing worse than a Nazi – and that’s a Nazi Werewolf!

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Blair Witch is the Marmite of horror movies. You either love it, or hate it. I am in the former category. Far superior than last years over rated Paranormal Activity – the movie does so much, with next to nothing. The atmosphere, and the viewer’s imagination do all the work.

Nobody puts Mike in the corner! – The movies closing shot of doomed camper Mike standing in the corner of an abandon basement works so well because it ties  in perfectly with the dark mythology setup during the picture! A very haunting finale! And an ending that will mean nothing if you havent seen the whole movie.

Stephen Kings IT (1990)

Stephen Kings novel IT is a horror masterpiece! Sadly, the 1990 TV adaption is a  poor substitute – loosing a lot of the subplots, set pieces and characters that made the novel what it was. What film did do well was novels villan Pennywise. Tim Curry created a horror icon with his scary as hell performance as the child eating Clown from hell!

Pennywise in the drain – The nightmarish opening shows you what happens when you talk to a creepy ass clown in a storm drain. Kids, if you enjoy being alive – keep away! It will not end well, as it did for this kid. This movie kept me awake for almost 95% of my childhood.


The Exorcist (1973)

Another classic of cinema! Without doubt one of the best horror movie ever made! It is still just as fresh and engrossing as it has ever been. I personally never found the movie particularly scary, apart from the two moments shown here…

1) Not the face! – The movie is littered with fast, and unexpected glimpse of a frightening demonic face that flashes on-screen throughout the movie. The almost subliminal effect keeps the audience on edge without really knowing why.

2)Head Spin – I get a neck ache watching this. The infamous image of possessed Reagans head turning 180 degrees to face her mother still gets me to this day. The effect is played out again later in the movie with the addition of jump out of your skin demonic growl. An impressive practical effect, and really horrible to watch!


Open Water (2003)

 The overly used phrase – Jaws meets Blair Witch – perfectly sums-up the low-budget indie horror movie Open Water. Based on a true story – the movie follows two stranded divers as they struggle to survive against the elements after being mistakenly left behind during a leisure dive. The pair have to endure everything for dehydration, to jelly fish to Sharks attack as they wait for rescue.  

Night Time Attack – The the movies most terrifying scene  – especially for those with a fear of the ocean – comes near the end of the movie. Night has fallen, and the pair are a very in a bad way. They have spent the day (unsuccessfully) fending of sharks.  The sunshine gave the advantage of at least being able see what was coming. As night sets in, this advantage is cruelly taken away. The scene in question is in almost complete darkness except for the flashes of the lightning storm that has erupted above them. The lightning bolts givr the viewer fleeting glimpse of the danger that surrounds them. A quick shots of a fin, a tail, and teeth are the only glimpse the couple get as they desperately try to combat their unseen enemy! A really harrowing scene, made all the more distressing by the fact that it is based on the real events!


The Grudge 2 (2006)

The sequel to the US version of the The Grudge is a not a very good film. It has completely hollow plot (even for a Grudge movie) and only a few so-so scary moments. In fact – I almost didn’t put the film in at all due to its all round crumminess. But the scene in question was just to good to leave out!

The Counsellors Office – Since unwisely entering Sayako and Toshios cursed home, Allison has been tormented by the spirits of her dead class mates. The spirits following Allison to her school. Their presence causes her to violently freak out in class and she is called in to see the school counsellor.  Allison passionately insists that her missing friends have been taken by the curse and are coming for her next. The counsellor tries to reassure her by uttering the spine-tingeling line (paraphrased) – ” How can they be dead?  – when they are sitting next to you right now.”  The film then cuts to a long shot of her dead school mates sitting beside her. The counsellor starts to change form, and begins to utter an unearthly groan. A great moment, in a bad film!

And finally…Here is my all time favourite scary moment that is NOT from a horror film

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Nuff said…..

So that’s it!  But here are many, many more  that I will add to this list over time. What are your favourite scary moments? Please post them up in the comment section.

Retro Reviews: Rogue

February 21, 2010
Retro Reviews – A short but sweet look back at some of the older films that hit my radar this week.
Rouge (2007)
Let me start this review by saying that I am a big fan of Australian director Greg Mclean’s first movie – Wolf Creek. His nasty, low-budget Crocodile Dundee gone bad slasher was an impressive debut, and I was therefore excited see what Greg did next. His follow-up film Rogue, is his take on the killer croc movie. Sadly, the results are mixed.  
Rouge tells the unhappy tale of a group of tourist on an idyllic wildlife cruise through Australia’s secluded Northern Territories. The movies begins with an effective, slow burn opening that showcases the beautiful scenery of the films location.  We are then introduced to the cruises doomed passengers. The movies slow pace allows the audience to get to know each of the characters on board. They are quite the one-dimensional bunch, but believable non the less. We have the strong sheila Captain (Shadha Mitchell), the slightly wimpy American journalist (Michael Vartan) and a small ensemble of expendable English and Ozzy stereotypes.  After half an hour or so of relatively peaceful sight-seeing – a distress flare is spotted and shit begins to aggressively hit the fan.   Their boat is attacked by a 7 meter long Crocodile! Dang! The crew is thrown overboard, and the survivors find themselves stranded on a small island with only hours to spare until the tide washes them back in to the dark and lethal waters of the crocodiles domain.
So far so good/scary. Unfortunately, from the moment the beast takes its first victim (in a confused and poorly stage set piece) Rogue starts to lose its credibility. Although the acting is above what you would generally expect from a movie like this, the characters are just too calm and collected to be truly believable. I know if I saw my loved one get carried off, kicking a screaming in the jaws of a giant Croc, I would be pretty devastated. These guys – not so much. I doubt I would be able to talk at all, let alone have a calm and diplomatic discussion seconds after like this group does. All of the characters seem to take everything that is happening a little too well for my liking. Their individual personas also have the awkward habit of changing from scene to scene depending on what the plot needs. For example – hill billy Neil (Sam Worthington) goes from passive aggressive asshole – to strong, leader of men in the space of a few seconds, simply because the movie needs someone to take charge and move things forwards. Very contrived. The film is further  dented by some unbelievably stupid decisions made throughout the film. The characters bring on most of their problems themselves by some downright laughable actions. For example – if you had just barely made it to shore after your boat had just been capsized by a giant man-eating Crocodile – would you first thought be to jump right back in and swim to the other side to fetch help? I think not. Believability goes completely out of the window as movie draws to its climax. Which leads me onto the Croc itself…

The creature is surprisingly impressive for such a low-budget picture. A combination of practical and CGI effects are creatively used to bring the animal to life. At the beginning of the movie, the Croc is only shown in frightening glimpses. This is when the film is at its most effective. Sadly, as we progress, we are shown more and more of the beast, and the more we see, the less scary it becomes. The fear factor is lost entirely during the rather silly, and anticlimactic finale in the Crocs Lair. A word of advice guys – if you don’t have the money to pull off a truly realistic CGI monster – keep it in the shadows! Has Jaws taught us nothing?!     

That aside, the movie is a perfectly enjoyable B-movie.  Ok, so the leading man is a bit bland and the croc isn’t all that scary- but the production values are high, the acting is good and the cinematography is gorgeous. If nothing else, the movie does a wonderful job of showcasing the natural beauty of the Australian outback. Everything else is a bit of a let down. Not a complete waste of time, but I would recommend skipping it, and renting the far superior Wolf Creek instead.    


Check out the trailer below.

Retro Reviews: The Wrestler and Terminator Salvation

February 19, 2010

Retro Reviews – A short but sweet look back at some of the older films that hit my radar this week. One good, and one bad…

The Westler (2008)

What is it that makes a movie great? Sometimes all you need is one thing, a performance. Mickey Rourke makes this movie great!

The tale is simple – Ex professional wrestler Randi (The Ram) lives for the past. He is a man so in love with wrestling that he has forgotten how to care about anything else. A near fatal heart attack inspires a need for change. Tired of the broken life he has painstakingly crafted for himself, he attempts to reconnect with his daughter, find love and let go of the sport that has held him captive for so long.

There is nothing original about this story. Anyone who has seen Rocky Balboa will no exactly what to expect. But it is not the story that matters here – it is how the story is told.  Darren Aronofskys simple, straight forward direction completely grounds the movie in reality. The film looks and feels like a documentary. From the very first shot, to the heart breaking (yet oddly uplifting finale) you are completely drawn into the characters bizarre world of small time wrestling.  From the pre-fight choreography, to the shopping for props, to the endless strip bar visits – everything on-screen feels authentic.

Combine this with the perfectly cast (and equally troubled) Mickey Rourke,  you have yourself a winner. Rourkes portrayal of the troubled, yet charismatic Randi is quite simply – fantastic! Rourke lets you live and breath this mans  life, and feel every emotion he does. It is almost a cliché to say it now, but Rourke really is bloody brilliant in the film. The movie also includes equally impressive work from Marisa Tomie and Evan Rachel Wood.  Both deliver powerfully honest performances. Marisa is especially good as the stripper Cassidy, the  object of Randi`s affections. The two have great on-screen chemistry, and their unlikely friendship is one of The Wrestlers real highlights.

One thing that did strike me was how easily this movie could have been played entirely for laughs. Put Will Ferrell in the lead , add in a few extra gags and you’ve got yourself a half decent comedy. The fact that it is such a great drama is a real testament to Aronofsky and Rourke. Anyone with even a hint of good taste will enjoy this movie. It’s not quite the second coming that some have made it out to be, but it is without question a brilliant little movie. Highly recommended!


Terminator Salvation (2009)

Of all the death and destruction that takes place during the movie, it is the death of the Terminator series that hits the hardest. Make no mistake – Terminator Salvation is terrible.

The sequel/prequel is set during the early years of the war between man and the machines. The movie follows gravely voiced resistance fighter John Connor – the man destined to lead mankind’s victory over Skynet and its army of  robotic bastards. The unexpected appearance of a new weapon brings hope to the resistance, and John is set to launch a major attack against Skynet central. Unfortunately, grumpy Johns already miserable life is about to be complicated by the appearance of mysterious stranger Marcus Wright. Marcus has no idea who (or what – wink,wink) he is. Or why he has suddenly woken-up in the future. His last memory is of his death back in good old 2003.  John must decide if he is willing to trust Marcus, because not only does he hold the key to the safety of Johns father (Kyle Reese) but also to the fate of all mankind! Oh my! Sounds pretty good right?…

Wrong. The movie gets off to a good start with an exciting and relatively well executed opening scene involving Connors infiltration of an enemy base. The scene is exciting, visually interesting, and effectively sets up Johns tough, all-knowing character. Unfortunately, everything from this scene on is so clumsily staged and poorly thought-out that all hope for the movie quickly evaporates. Terminator Salvation had the budget and potential to be a kick ass war movie. Sadly, Hollywood hack McG was hired to direct, and thanks to him almost nothing in the film works. Everything from the plot, script and overall look of the movie is bad. Even simple things like logic, and believability do not have a home here. This is one of the laziest movies I have seen in some time, and completely lacks any scope or imagination. Factor this with extremely boring set design and so-so special effects, and your`ll start to wonder if Terminator 3 was really all that bad after all? …it was. So try not entertain that thought for too long. 

Direction aside, the script is the movies biggest crime.  Almost every scene in the film needs padding. The dialogue and staging are so fast and abrupt, that character motivations and important plot information get lost in a bid to keep the movie tight, and fast paced. It is riddled with plot holes, clunky dialogue, ideas ripped off from other films and moments that simply DO NOT make sense! There are too many examples to list, so I wont bother going into them, but they are all painfully obvious.

Cast wise – Christian Bale (Connor) is surprisingly bad. He is extremely wooden, and shows little to no range. His OTT “Batman” voice doesn’t help you warm to him either.  What went wrong here? He should have been the perfect choice? Sam Worthington (Marcus) fares a little better.Worthington projects warmth and humanity through out, and is the only character you ever really invest in. It’s a shame they didn’t do more with him. The fact that he isn’t human could have been a great shock reveal in a better film. But this is TS, so the trick is given away in literally the first scene of the movie. Damn you McG! Worthingtons best performance to date.

Anton Yelchin is also great as the young Kyle Reese. You completely buy that this is the younger version of the Kyle we met in the original movie. Moon Bloodgood and Helen Bonham Carter are also good, but are in the movie so little it’s not really worth going into.

Some half-decent performances aside – it can’t be all bad, surely? Well, if you had to twist my arm – I would say some of the new Terminators were pretty good. Especially the Motorbike bots that took part in one of the films few good action sequence. Danny Elfmans score isn’t bad (although the absence of the iconic Terminator Theme is sorely missed) the digital Schwarzenegger cameo was fun, and Worthington and Yelchin are likeable but that’s it.

Terminator Salvation can be summed-up in word – disappointing. Well there are other words, but I`ll keep it clean. It is ironic that one of the main themes of the movie is that the beating heart is what makes us better than a machine. Yet this film has no heart its self. The previous movies did, and that is the reason why they are so popular. The film doesn’t even really look or feel like a Terminator movie.  The series deserved better, and by the end of the film you`ll have NO interest in ever seeing another Terminator movie again. What a shame. Thanks again McG!


Just for the hell of it – here is Christian Bales infamous onset rant that took place during the shooting of  Terminator Salvation. Still shocking, still hilarious. Salvation is such a hollow movie, that you have to wonder what is was that inspired so much passion? Either way, we now know to never adjust any lights when Bale is around! What a robo-cock!

Click here for the hilarious dance remix

Review: Valentines Day

February 15, 2010

Do you like safe, and by-the numbers romantic comedies? If the answer is yes – then boy, Valentines Day is the movie for you! If not, then you may want to avoid this movie, because it is basically 10 mini rom-coms all rolled into one.

The movie follows the romantic exploits of several couples over the course of Valentines Day, each tale intertwining with the next. Kind of like a sweet and cuddly version of Pulp Fiction – just without the male rape and excessive violence. The movie has a pretty impressive cast – Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Kathy Bates, Jamie Fox and Ann Hathaway are just some of the big names in the movie. Surprisingly, the biggest stars in the movie have the smallest parts. Julia Roberts and Kathy Bates are barely in the movie at all, and if you played their parts out in one stretch (as opposed to being broken up) would literally only take up 10-15 minutes of the overall run time. The actors with the most screen time are Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner. It is their story that is followed the closest . Both are perfectly likeable, and fun to watch. Yes, even Ashton Kutcher.In fact, the entire cast do a good job with very little, and there are no weak performances.

The stories themselves are short and pretty predictable, but this is part of its charm. The movie knows exactly what it is, and does it well.  Some of tales have a twist, some don’t. Some of the characters find love and romance, some don’t. Thats pretty much it. None of it is at all original, and every romantic cliché in the book pops up at some stage. Some of the stories dont even have any kind of arch. The Taylor Swift and were-boy (Taylor Lautner) segment springs to mind. Even so, they are enjoyable non the less. The one exception to the rule is Bradley Coopers story- whose conclusion did produce a very minor, but audible gasp from the audience I was with. Good job screen writers!

So is the movie any good? Not really.

Is it terrible? Not at all. 

It is a cheesy, likeable chick flick that has absolutely no aspirations to be anything other than what it is.

My only minor quibble is that the movie is just too safe. There is not one story that has any edge to it. I makes the equally sappy- Hes Just Not That in to You – look like Godfellas . Ok – that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.  Nothing particular bad ever happens to any of the characters here. Even the sadder tales still leaves you with the sense that everything is going to be ok in the end. Those looking for real drama, should seek it else where. The movie is also just too sweet! In fact, it is so sugary, it may induce diabetes.  The movie has this annoying habit of randomly cutting to something cute (like a teen handing a rose to his girlfriend or a cute puppy) just for the sake of it. Every scene is filled to the brim with Roses, chocolates and toy bears that it is almost surreal.  Oh, and be warned – this movie has one of the most annoying “cute kids in-love” ever put to screen. Remember the annoying cute kid from Love Actually? We`ll times him by a million and you’ll get the idea. Someone please smack this guy.

So in summary – The movie is well made, and full of entertaining performances. I am sure Valentines Day will make a hell of a lot of money this weekend. Its genius really. Release a romantic comedy, with a bunch of big names, set during Valentines Day on Valentines Day and you’ve got yourself a hit! Good or bad, people will go and see it. The movie is much better than it ever  needed to be to succeed. Which is appreciated. Guys, this is a completely bearable way to waste a few hours on a raining day. Girls, if romantic comedies are your thing – you`ll love it!


Check out the trailer below…

Ghostbusters 3 – What We know So Far…

February 13, 2010

I never thought it would actually happen…      

Since the early 1990`s there have been rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie being in the works. Dan Aykroyd even wrote a treatment for a third movie in which the Ghostbusters travelled to Hell. Sounds a little bizarre I know, but its true. The treatment was not very well received, and never generated any real interest in the industry. But that didn’t stop the rumors flying. Everything from a fully CGI movie, to Ben Stiller being signed were thrown around at various stages. Non of which ever came to fruition. Until now…      

 The 2009 realise (and success) of the both Ghostbusters video game and Blu-ray release of the original movie sparked a new found interest in the series from both the general public and the original cast and crew. Rumors began to spread that a third Ghostbusters movie was slowly becoming a reality. After months of speculation, Columbia Pictures/Sony confirmed that Ghostbusters III was definitely happening, and that a writing team had been hired. So what do we know about the movie so far?      

Here are the facts…..      

  • Bill Murray will be returning, but as a ghost! 

Murray recently confirmed that he would only return to the franchise if his character (Peter Venkman) was killed-off in the first act, and take the form of a spirit for the rest of the picture. His wishes have been granted by script writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. Both writers have previously worked on the American version of The Office and co-wrote the movie Year One. Actor Dan Aykroyd is also helping with the script.      

  • The entire original cast are returning – minus Rick Moranis 

So far everyone actor and actress from the original movies in keen to come back for the third film. Strangely, the only actor not coming back is Rick Moranis – who has retired from acting, and has no interest in returning to the silver screen.      

  • Ivan Reitman is directing 

After much speculation – Ivan Reitman has confirmed that he is returning for the third picture.      

  • Oscar from Ghostbusters II is returning as new recruit 

Sigourney Weaver has confirmed that a grown-up Oscar Barrett will be one of the new Ghostbusters in the movie.      

  • The Movie will be in 3D 

The 3D bug has hit Hollywood hard, and almost every big up and coming event movie will be released in 3D – Ghostbusters is no exception.      

  •  The plot and villain will have something to do with the religion Zoroastrianism, and feature both the original team, and new group of younger Ghostbusters. 

Very little is known about the actual plot of the movie, but we do know that the a new team of Ghostbusters will be recruited, and probably be the main focus of the movie. Dan Aykroyd has mentioned in the past that a female Ghostbuster is very likely, and has even name dropped actress Eliza Dushku as his own personal choice for the part. It should be noted that Eliza is not officially attached to the picture.      

In-regards to the villain of the movie, we know that it will have something to do with the religion Zoroastrianism –       

After a quick read-up, I would guess that the plot will in someway revolve around the Zoroastrian version of the apocalypse. Similar to the Christian belief, they believe that a battle will be fought on earth between God and the Devil for the souls of all mankind. Once the war is over (in which everyone has been killed – bummer) a chosen one will step fourth and claim the worlds souls to take back to either Heaven, or Hell. Lets hope the good guys win ay!      

I can’t see how this will not at least be the foundations for the plot of GB3. It seems like a bit of a coincidence that they have chosen a religion in which the devil tries to take over the world, when we know that Dan Aykroyds GB in Hell script (AKA Hellbent) dealt with a very similar theme. My guess is that the GB in Hell script is the un-official blue print for the movie, and Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are on board to retool it for a modern audience. Of course I could be completely wrong, but it is an educated guess at least.      

I will end this overly long post with a fewof my random thoughts and feelings about the sequel…      

  • I believe they will try and get Stay Puft into the movie, whether it makes sense or not 
  • The fact that it will be in 3D suggests to me that it will be more about the visuals than the humor and characters 
  • Venkman as ghost could either be really interesting, or just flat-out awful. I just hope they are subtile with it. I would rather they stick to him looking how he does, than turning him into a CGI Slimer type character. I am hoping this movie will also have a little heart. Especially with the death of one the series main characters happening so early in the picture. BTW- If you had of told a 6 year old me that Peter died in the third film – I would probaly cry and never want to see it! 
  • I hope the original Ghostbusters play just as much a part in the movie as the new team – if not more 
  • Slimer will defiantly return 

I must admit, I am very excited about this movie. I have been a huge Ghostbusters fan since I was a young boy, and for many years a third Ghostbusters truly was my holy grail of cinema. How tragic I know. But the recent disappointment of equally anticipated sequels such as Indiana Jones 4, have left a bad taste in my mouth. Even with the original team returning, doesn’t mean GB3 is going to be good.      

Ghostbusters III is scheduled to hit theatres in 2011.     







40 Things That Only Happen In The Movies!

February 12, 2010
  1. When using a computer – no-one ever uses a mouse
  2. When attacking a victim, a villain will at some stage be hit on the head with an ash tray
  3. People have conversations while staring out of a window, but not at each other
  4. People sit straight up in bed after a nightmare
  5. Passwords for high-tech security systems are usually only 5 letters long and are easily guessed
  6. In horror movies – A person will randomly develop psychic powers – for no other reasons than to develope the plot
  7. Cute animals will turn their heads to one side when asked a question
  8. If you find yourself somewhere isolated and creepy, your mobile phone will not work
  9. Seemingly everything on this planet can be hacked into buy a computer whizz – be it planes, computers or traffic lights
  10. Family mums will always have a fully prepared breakfast on the table every morning
  11. Cats will randomly dart out of no-where in a dark house or street
  12. When one man is fighting a group of people –  instead of attacking all at once, the bad guys will attack one at time
  13. People will  kiss passionately in the rain, and the people around them will start to clap and cheer – despite not knowing who they are
  14. When someone is told to stay where they are for their own safety, they will either simply not do so, or be killed as soon as the other person leaves
  15. High school kids will usually look between 5 to 10 years older than they should
  16. When fatally wounded a character will always have just enough time to say something important or heart breaking before death
  17. If someone is saying something rude about someone, that person WILL appear behind them
  18.  When shot at, cars will instantly blow-up. Please be aware that this does not apply if a cop or hero is using it for cover. In this case, an open car door will protect them from almost anything
  19. People from England are either super posh, or extremely cockney. There is no middle ground.
  20. Something scary will appear behind you in a bathroom mirror
  21. Every vehicle in a movie will always have a spare set of keys inside – usually in the sun blocker.  Alternatively – a spare house key is kept under the mattress or above the front door
  22. An aging sports hero will always get a chance to compete one last time – in spite of age,health or law
  23. If time is of the essence – one punch will instantly knock someone out
  24. If something life threatening is heading towards a kid –  they will stop to look at it instead of running away
  25. The crazy old drunk that no-one believes is usually telling the truth
  26. If something drips on you unexpectedly – do not look up! It is either a bloody corpse, or something  that wants to kill you
  27. A person will begin a conversation with a whimsical statement or fable. Usually while the other person is walking away
  28. Bodies will usually disappear in horror movies, leading people to doubt the finders story
  29. Only nerds and dorks  wear glasses
  30. No matter how dire the situation – a rousing speech will get people back on their feet
  31. If a guy or girl seems completely wrong for you in every way – they are the one
  32. Men will only hang out in bars. Women will only hang out in cafes
  33. Before shooting someone,  a character will say something witty
  34. Anyone from China or Japan you will of course know martial arts
  35. A villain will always layout their evil plan before shooting the hero. They will also spend far too long explaining how much they are going to enjoy doing it
  36. When a bomb is disarmed, there will always be exactly 1 second left on the timer
  37. After a villain has physically forced someone to meet them, they will always say “Glad you could make it”
  38. A hero or villain will never look back at the huge explosion that has just gone-off behind them
  39. When a heros loved one dramatically dies in their arms, they will drop to their knees, look up to the sky and cry “Noooo!”
  40. In the horror world, a character will usually “wake up” from a nightmare twice. The first time they are not really awake. Somethings scary will happen, and then they will wake up again for real

Have I missed anything?  If so, post it up in the comment section and I will add it to the list.

The Wolfman: Review

February 12, 2010

The 2010 remake of  The Wolfman, is like one of the beasts unfortunate victims… a bloody mess.

The movie – which is set in the late 1880`s, tells the tale of Lawrence Talbot  who has returned to his fathers home in England after his brothers mysterious and bloody death. Lawrence takes it upon himself to bring his brothers killer to justice. Teeth, hair, gore and mayhem ensue. 

Let me start by saying that The Wolfman is a very flawed movie – but not a terrible one.

First the good. Do you really go to see a movie called The Wolfman for the stella acting and drama? No.You go and see it for the Wolfman! Luckily, the beast itself  is the main saving grace of the movie. When things get hairy- the movie comes to life!  Rick Bakers creature effects are great, and the set pieces in this movie are extremely fun and gory. Make no mistake, there is  a lot of blood and guts (literally) in this film, and the transformation effects are bone crunchingly effective.  The CGI is also suprisingly good, and does not distract from the reality of the picture.

Oddly, the look of the creature is both the coolest, and goofiest thing in the movie. Once Del Toro has fully transformed into full-on Chewbacca with fangs – he looks both silly, yet impressive. He is very much a 2010 update of the original 1941 beast from which it is based. It feels very retro to see a hollywood star bring a creature to life with simply a good costume and make-up effects. Far more effective than something like The Hulk, which was entirely CGI. At least in my opinion. There is a bit of CGI assistance in some scenes, but the effects are mainly practical. This was definitely a wise choice, making the movie feel kind of unique in this modern age. Although,  you will probably find yourself sniggering a little the first you see him. He does look a little silly, and not that scary.

The action and atmosphere in the picture is great! From the misty moors, to the cobble streets of london – the movie  looks good. Not necessarily authentic, but atmospheric – in a very stylized way that works well for the film. The action is also effective. There are not many big action set pieces in this movie, but what is in there is great! Especially the first attack at the gypsy camp and the rampage through London. Fast paced, exciting, gory and very well shot. The only scene that doesn’t work as well is the anti-climatic werewolf smack-down that ends the movie. It feels very much like an after thought and a little shoddy. You get the impression that the producers decided they needed something bigger to go out on, and so hastily knocked a fight scene together and wedged it into the end of the movie.

Which leads me to the bad points……

The movies biggest problem is that it feels incredibly rushed. No scene has any time to breathe. You are shown what you need to see for plot purposes, then we move straight on to the next scene, and so on. You can’t help but feel that every scene has been tinkered with and recut (and in most cases shortened) in a desperate attempt to keep the running time down. Which suggests the studio really didn’t have too much faith in what they had.   The production of this movie has been notoriously troubled from the start. The director Joe Johnston took over from Mark Romanek, who left the picture due to creative differences. The countless re-shoots and multiple cuts have taken their toll on the overall quality of this movie. And it does show. The entire movie appears to be a victim of way too much outside intervention (from producers, studio execs) a lack of focus, and way too much over thinking.

The super fast pace of the film affects everything from the plot to the characters. The cast is generally fine. Anthony Hopkins certainly steals the show as Lawrences shady father – despite the very suspect accent he adopts from time to time. Is he ment to be Irish? Scottish? It is never quite clear. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor – but he should really stop trying to do accents.  Benicio del Toro is a little bland as the leading man. His moody performance is very one note and there is very little life to his character. He is up-staged slightly by Hugo Weaving, playing detective Abberline –  who is far more interesting to watch. Emily Blunt plays the grieving widow of Lawrences murdered brother and is the love interest of the movie. Her performance is fine, but her character has very little to do, and so has zero impact on anything that happens in the movie. Which is a problem because the romantic connection between her and Del Toro, should be a major factor in our investment in these characters. But unfortunately, they have NO on-screen chemistry and so makes it difficult to care too much about what happens to them.

So in summary – I feel there was a potentially better movie in there somewhere, but what is there is certainly not a disaster. If only the director had been left alone to make the movie the way he wanted, we might have had a better film. But as it stands, The Wolf Man is a fun, slightly hollow movie, that while enjoyable, is completely forgettable.


Check out the trailer below

Full Length Toy Story 3 Trailer

February 11, 2010

Everybody, everywhere – no matter what race, religion or sexuality – likes Toy Story. This is just basic science. I have never met anyone who doesn’t. If I ever do, I will naturally assume they have some kind of severe psychological disorder and will promptly contact the necessary authorities.

Toy Story 1 and 2 are fantastic animated movies! They are just as good today as they were the day of their release. So I was very pleased to see that the third Toy Story movie looks just as great as the last two. Of course you can never truly tell how good a film will be from the trailer (both Terminator Salvation and Transformers II looked fantastic) but so far so good. The humor, the look and the new characters – all perfect.

A quick thought – Will this be the movie where Woody finally reveals to Andy that he is a living breathing toy? I doubt it, but it would certainly be an interesting conclusion to the trilogy.

Toy Story 3 comes out this summer.

What Is The Best Film Of 2010 So Far?

February 11, 2010

2010 has begun, and the beginning of a new year is generally the dumping ground for studios weaker movies. This year appears to be no different. The few exceptions being the fantastic Up in the Air, and the entertaining Sherlock Holmes. My personal pick for best film so far would be The Road. A hauntingly tense, thriller that is filled with scenes and images that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

My stinker of the year would have to be Edge of Darkness. Bland, un-original and just flat-out boring.

What do you think?