Full Length Toy Story 3 Trailer


Everybody, everywhere – no matter what race, religion or sexuality – likes Toy Story. This is just basic science. I have never met anyone who doesn’t. If I ever do, I will naturally assume they have some kind of severe psychological disorder and will promptly contact the necessary authorities.

Toy Story 1 and 2 are fantastic animated movies! They are just as good today as they were the day of their release. So I was very pleased to see that the third Toy Story movie looks just as great as the last two. Of course you can never truly tell how good a film will be from the trailer (both Terminator Salvation and Transformers II looked fantastic) but so far so good. The humor, the look and the new characters – all perfect.

A quick thought – Will this be the movie where Woody finally reveals to Andy that he is a living breathing toy? I doubt it, but it would certainly be an interesting conclusion to the trilogy.

Toy Story 3 comes out this summer.


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2 Responses to “Full Length Toy Story 3 Trailer”

  1. kevinkovanich Says:

    I’m so excited for this movie. It comes out on my birthday.

    Toy Story was really the first movie of its kind.


    • Danjo Kazooe Says:

      I completely agree. The first Toy Story really was a game changer. And the movie is still just as good as it was back in 1995.

      The third movie looks and feels right. It will hopefully still have the heart of the first two. Animated sequels tend to be a mixed bag inregards to quality. Most of them being straight-to-DVD money grabbers. Those realised in theatres – like the Shrek, Ice Age and Madagascar movies were pretty bloody awful.

      Lets hope Toy Story III is the exception…

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