40 Things That Only Happen In The Movies!

  1. When using a computer – no-one ever uses a mouse
  2. When attacking a victim, a villain will at some stage be hit on the head with an ash tray
  3. People have conversations while staring out of a window, but not at each other
  4. People sit straight up in bed after a nightmare
  5. Passwords for high-tech security systems are usually only 5 letters long and are easily guessed
  6. In horror movies – A person will randomly develop psychic powers – for no other reasons than to develope the plot
  7. Cute animals will turn their heads to one side when asked a question
  8. If you find yourself somewhere isolated and creepy, your mobile phone will not work
  9. Seemingly everything on this planet can be hacked into buy a computer whizz – be it planes, computers or traffic lights
  10. Family mums will always have a fully prepared breakfast on the table every morning
  11. Cats will randomly dart out of no-where in a dark house or street
  12. When one man is fighting a group of people –  instead of attacking all at once, the bad guys will attack one at time
  13. People will  kiss passionately in the rain, and the people around them will start to clap and cheer – despite not knowing who they are
  14. When someone is told to stay where they are for their own safety, they will either simply not do so, or be killed as soon as the other person leaves
  15. High school kids will usually look between 5 to 10 years older than they should
  16. When fatally wounded a character will always have just enough time to say something important or heart breaking before death
  17. If someone is saying something rude about someone, that person WILL appear behind them
  18.  When shot at, cars will instantly blow-up. Please be aware that this does not apply if a cop or hero is using it for cover. In this case, an open car door will protect them from almost anything
  19. People from England are either super posh, or extremely cockney. There is no middle ground.
  20. Something scary will appear behind you in a bathroom mirror
  21. Every vehicle in a movie will always have a spare set of keys inside – usually in the sun blocker.  Alternatively – a spare house key is kept under the mattress or above the front door
  22. An aging sports hero will always get a chance to compete one last time – in spite of age,health or law
  23. If time is of the essence – one punch will instantly knock someone out
  24. If something life threatening is heading towards a kid –  they will stop to look at it instead of running away
  25. The crazy old drunk that no-one believes is usually telling the truth
  26. If something drips on you unexpectedly – do not look up! It is either a bloody corpse, or something  that wants to kill you
  27. A person will begin a conversation with a whimsical statement or fable. Usually while the other person is walking away
  28. Bodies will usually disappear in horror movies, leading people to doubt the finders story
  29. Only nerds and dorks  wear glasses
  30. No matter how dire the situation – a rousing speech will get people back on their feet
  31. If a guy or girl seems completely wrong for you in every way – they are the one
  32. Men will only hang out in bars. Women will only hang out in cafes
  33. Before shooting someone,  a character will say something witty
  34. Anyone from China or Japan you will of course know martial arts
  35. A villain will always layout their evil plan before shooting the hero. They will also spend far too long explaining how much they are going to enjoy doing it
  36. When a bomb is disarmed, there will always be exactly 1 second left on the timer
  37. After a villain has physically forced someone to meet them, they will always say “Glad you could make it”
  38. A hero or villain will never look back at the huge explosion that has just gone-off behind them
  39. When a heros loved one dramatically dies in their arms, they will drop to their knees, look up to the sky and cry “Noooo!”
  40. In the horror world, a character will usually “wake up” from a nightmare twice. The first time they are not really awake. Somethings scary will happen, and then they will wake up again for real

Have I missed anything?  If so, post it up in the comment section and I will add it to the list.


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2 Responses to “40 Things That Only Happen In The Movies!”

  1. Sarah S Says:

    I’ve got an extra movie chiche for you. When a bomb is disarmed, there is always exactly 1 second left on the timer!

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