Ghostbusters 3 – What We know So Far…


I never thought it would actually happen…      

Since the early 1990`s there have been rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie being in the works. Dan Aykroyd even wrote a treatment for a third movie in which the Ghostbusters travelled to Hell. Sounds a little bizarre I know, but its true. The treatment was not very well received, and never generated any real interest in the industry. But that didn’t stop the rumors flying. Everything from a fully CGI movie, to Ben Stiller being signed were thrown around at various stages. Non of which ever came to fruition. Until now…      

 The 2009 realise (and success) of the both Ghostbusters video game and Blu-ray release of the original movie sparked a new found interest in the series from both the general public and the original cast and crew. Rumors began to spread that a third Ghostbusters movie was slowly becoming a reality. After months of speculation, Columbia Pictures/Sony confirmed that Ghostbusters III was definitely happening, and that a writing team had been hired. So what do we know about the movie so far?      

Here are the facts…..      

  • Bill Murray will be returning, but as a ghost! 

Murray recently confirmed that he would only return to the franchise if his character (Peter Venkman) was killed-off in the first act, and take the form of a spirit for the rest of the picture. His wishes have been granted by script writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. Both writers have previously worked on the American version of The Office and co-wrote the movie Year One. Actor Dan Aykroyd is also helping with the script.      

  • The entire original cast are returning – minus Rick Moranis 

So far everyone actor and actress from the original movies in keen to come back for the third film. Strangely, the only actor not coming back is Rick Moranis – who has retired from acting, and has no interest in returning to the silver screen.      

  • Ivan Reitman is directing 

After much speculation – Ivan Reitman has confirmed that he is returning for the third picture.      

  • Oscar from Ghostbusters II is returning as new recruit 

Sigourney Weaver has confirmed that a grown-up Oscar Barrett will be one of the new Ghostbusters in the movie.      

  • The Movie will be in 3D 

The 3D bug has hit Hollywood hard, and almost every big up and coming event movie will be released in 3D – Ghostbusters is no exception.      

  •  The plot and villain will have something to do with the religion Zoroastrianism, and feature both the original team, and new group of younger Ghostbusters. 

Very little is known about the actual plot of the movie, but we do know that the a new team of Ghostbusters will be recruited, and probably be the main focus of the movie. Dan Aykroyd has mentioned in the past that a female Ghostbuster is very likely, and has even name dropped actress Eliza Dushku as his own personal choice for the part. It should be noted that Eliza is not officially attached to the picture.      

In-regards to the villain of the movie, we know that it will have something to do with the religion Zoroastrianism –       

After a quick read-up, I would guess that the plot will in someway revolve around the Zoroastrian version of the apocalypse. Similar to the Christian belief, they believe that a battle will be fought on earth between God and the Devil for the souls of all mankind. Once the war is over (in which everyone has been killed – bummer) a chosen one will step fourth and claim the worlds souls to take back to either Heaven, or Hell. Lets hope the good guys win ay!      

I can’t see how this will not at least be the foundations for the plot of GB3. It seems like a bit of a coincidence that they have chosen a religion in which the devil tries to take over the world, when we know that Dan Aykroyds GB in Hell script (AKA Hellbent) dealt with a very similar theme. My guess is that the GB in Hell script is the un-official blue print for the movie, and Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are on board to retool it for a modern audience. Of course I could be completely wrong, but it is an educated guess at least.      

I will end this overly long post with a fewof my random thoughts and feelings about the sequel…      

  • I believe they will try and get Stay Puft into the movie, whether it makes sense or not 
  • The fact that it will be in 3D suggests to me that it will be more about the visuals than the humor and characters 
  • Venkman as ghost could either be really interesting, or just flat-out awful. I just hope they are subtile with it. I would rather they stick to him looking how he does, than turning him into a CGI Slimer type character. I am hoping this movie will also have a little heart. Especially with the death of one the series main characters happening so early in the picture. BTW- If you had of told a 6 year old me that Peter died in the third film – I would probaly cry and never want to see it! 
  • I hope the original Ghostbusters play just as much a part in the movie as the new team – if not more 
  • Slimer will defiantly return 

I must admit, I am very excited about this movie. I have been a huge Ghostbusters fan since I was a young boy, and for many years a third Ghostbusters truly was my holy grail of cinema. How tragic I know. But the recent disappointment of equally anticipated sequels such as Indiana Jones 4, have left a bad taste in my mouth. Even with the original team returning, doesn’t mean GB3 is going to be good.      

Ghostbusters III is scheduled to hit theatres in 2011.     








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