16 Random Moments From Horror That Well And Truly Gave Me The Willies!


For you consideration – 16 random horror film moments that really f*cked my sh*t up! 

Read on if you dare – mwahahahahahahahah! *cough!

The Shining (1980)

My first choice is from quite possibly the scariest movie ever made – The Shining! From the first to final shot, Stanley Kubrick’s haunted hotel movie has an underlying feeling of dread and evil that does not let up. The movie is chock full of  memorable moments, but there are two in particular that really stand out…

1) The Grady Twins – While exploring the supposedly empty Overlook Hotel on his tricycle, Danny comes across two little girls standing in the hall, beckoning him to “come play” with them. This classic scary moment has been parodied and rehashed so many times that you would think it would have lost its impact. It hasnt! Without question one of the the most unsettling images every put to screen. No matter how many times I see it, it still has the same effect. The jump cut to their massacred bodies is the bloody toping on a creepy-ass cake that will fast effectively empty your bowels!

2) The Bear Guy – My second choice is the moment that I simply refer to as the Bear Guy scene. Set during the final scenes of the movie,  shit starts to get really real at the Overlook! Jack has gone insane, and the spirits are really starting to make their presence known. One image that has always stuck with me is the surreal glimpse of a guy in a bear suit, kneeling before  random spectral hotel guest. I assume the context is sexual – but it is such a randomly bizarre sight that it frightened me just as much as it did Wendy! Down right odd, down right freaky!

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

Wes Craven may have lost his way slightly with his recent efforts, but his concept for Nightmare on Elm Street is pure genius! A serial killer that hunts you in your nightmares – IS the stuff of nightmares! Certainly was for this young fella who endured months of sleepless nights thanks to catching a late night showing on TV – at an age when he really shouldnt have seen it.  I had just had my 21st birthday when I switched over to….not really. I was about 6. So cut me some slack…

 Ok, so the film is a little dated, and Freddy is now about as scary as puppy disguised as kitten, but the scene above still has the ability creep me out… 

The Body Bag – The heroine of the movie Heather has dozed off while in class. She is awoken by the voice of her recently murdered friend Tina, who is standing in the doorway in a body bag! She orders Heather to follow -which she stupidly does! We then see Tinas ghostly body get carried away by an invisible assailant. Heather pursues and literally bumps into the creepiest hall monitor of all time. I’m not sure why – but this image has always creeped my out.


 JAWS (1975)

There isn’t much to say about Jaws that hasn’t been said a thousand times before. It is a true classic – and one of my ALL TIME favourite movies. It is also the source of my completely irrational fear of the ocean. Heres why…


1) The Estuary Attack – Michael Brody and his friends are attacked by the killer shark in the beaches supposedly safe estuary. The boys make it out alive, thanks to the mysterious guy (possible pervert) in the red boat who takes the brunt of the Sharks attack. The first image above is number 1 on my- Things I hope never happen to me list. For those of us with a fear of Sharks, or of simply being viciously killed – this image is really the stuff of nightmares!

2) Bens Head – While investigating an abandoned boat – Shark expert Hopper dives down to inspect the damage. He comes across a large hole in the side of the boat. The rotting corpse of the boat’s owner unexpectedly falls into view, and scares the living shizzle out of both Hopper, and me! One of the best jump scares ever put to screen! Good work Spielberg!

Ju-on (2002)

Often criticized for their almost complete lack of real plot – the Japanese horror series Ju-on (remade as The Grudge in the US) is full of so many nightmarish images, I could write an entire article just about them. But to keep things brief, here are some of my favourites.

 1) The Stair Scene – The scene where villan of the movie – Kayako – slowly crawls  down the stairs towards her victim is quite simply terrifying. I don’t care what anyone says! The scene is equally horrifying in both the original, and American remake. This is one of the few scene that still freaks me out to this days. (Top left)

2) Kayako and Toshios Bedtime Visit – This simple shot of  Toshio and Kayako quietly watching a sleeping victim never fails to give the me willies. I wouldn’t want to wake up to that! This scene is only in the original Japanese movie.

3) Jaw dropping! – The truly disgusting and unexpected image of a one the curses victims (minus her jaw) is a very unsettling sight. The setup would take to long to go into – but it is definitely a great jump out of your seat moment.  This scene only appears in the American remake.

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

The Nightmares – Jon Landis`s super fun, super freaky horror comedy includes two awesomely scary nightmare sequences. The first is a short jump scare involving the movies lead David awakening from a nightmare – although not quite, as you can see from the shot on top. As a kid, I always had to look away from the screen when this happened, until one day I managed to keep them open and endure it – which was a real personal achievement for me at the time!

The second moment is the completely weird Werewolf  Nazis nightmare. While David is in hospital, he dreams that he is safely back at home with his family. There is an unexpected knock at the door. A gang of Nazi werewolves storm into the house a massacre Davids family before him. Once they are all dead, they slash his throat. Surreal and all kinds of Messed-up! As my mother always said – there is only one thing worse than a Nazi – and that’s a Nazi Werewolf!

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Blair Witch is the Marmite of horror movies. You either love it, or hate it. I am in the former category. Far superior than last years over rated Paranormal Activity – the movie does so much, with next to nothing. The atmosphere, and the viewer’s imagination do all the work.

Nobody puts Mike in the corner! – The movies closing shot of doomed camper Mike standing in the corner of an abandon basement works so well because it ties  in perfectly with the dark mythology setup during the picture! A very haunting finale! And an ending that will mean nothing if you havent seen the whole movie.

Stephen Kings IT (1990)

Stephen Kings novel IT is a horror masterpiece! Sadly, the 1990 TV adaption is a  poor substitute – loosing a lot of the subplots, set pieces and characters that made the novel what it was. What film did do well was novels villan Pennywise. Tim Curry created a horror icon with his scary as hell performance as the child eating Clown from hell!

Pennywise in the drain – The nightmarish opening shows you what happens when you talk to a creepy ass clown in a storm drain. Kids, if you enjoy being alive – keep away! It will not end well, as it did for this kid. This movie kept me awake for almost 95% of my childhood.


The Exorcist (1973)

Another classic of cinema! Without doubt one of the best horror movie ever made! It is still just as fresh and engrossing as it has ever been. I personally never found the movie particularly scary, apart from the two moments shown here…

1) Not the face! – The movie is littered with fast, and unexpected glimpse of a frightening demonic face that flashes on-screen throughout the movie. The almost subliminal effect keeps the audience on edge without really knowing why.

2)Head Spin – I get a neck ache watching this. The infamous image of possessed Reagans head turning 180 degrees to face her mother still gets me to this day. The effect is played out again later in the movie with the addition of jump out of your skin demonic growl. An impressive practical effect, and really horrible to watch!


Open Water (2003)

 The overly used phrase – Jaws meets Blair Witch – perfectly sums-up the low-budget indie horror movie Open Water. Based on a true story – the movie follows two stranded divers as they struggle to survive against the elements after being mistakenly left behind during a leisure dive. The pair have to endure everything for dehydration, to jelly fish to Sharks attack as they wait for rescue.  

Night Time Attack – The the movies most terrifying scene  – especially for those with a fear of the ocean – comes near the end of the movie. Night has fallen, and the pair are a very in a bad way. They have spent the day (unsuccessfully) fending of sharks.  The sunshine gave the advantage of at least being able see what was coming. As night sets in, this advantage is cruelly taken away. The scene in question is in almost complete darkness except for the flashes of the lightning storm that has erupted above them. The lightning bolts givr the viewer fleeting glimpse of the danger that surrounds them. A quick shots of a fin, a tail, and teeth are the only glimpse the couple get as they desperately try to combat their unseen enemy! A really harrowing scene, made all the more distressing by the fact that it is based on the real events!


The Grudge 2 (2006)

The sequel to the US version of the The Grudge is a not a very good film. It has completely hollow plot (even for a Grudge movie) and only a few so-so scary moments. In fact – I almost didn’t put the film in at all due to its all round crumminess. But the scene in question was just to good to leave out!

The Counsellors Office – Since unwisely entering Sayako and Toshios cursed home, Allison has been tormented by the spirits of her dead class mates. The spirits following Allison to her school. Their presence causes her to violently freak out in class and she is called in to see the school counsellor.  Allison passionately insists that her missing friends have been taken by the curse and are coming for her next. The counsellor tries to reassure her by uttering the spine-tingeling line (paraphrased) – ” How can they be dead?  – when they are sitting next to you right now.”  The film then cuts to a long shot of her dead school mates sitting beside her. The counsellor starts to change form, and begins to utter an unearthly groan. A great moment, in a bad film!

And finally…Here is my all time favourite scary moment that is NOT from a horror film

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Nuff said…..

So that’s it!  But here are many, many more  that I will add to this list over time. What are your favourite scary moments? Please post them up in the comment section.


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  1. Chris Says:

    Regarding Open Water, I think the scenes you describe would have been much more effective if the fins were bigger and they moved slower. This would have given the impression they were being circled by maneaters.

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