A New Nightmare Begins! The Full Length Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer Is Up!


One, Two Jackies coming for you!

New line Cinema have just released a new full length trailer for their remake of the 1984 horror classic Nightmare on Elm Street. Directed by Music Video director Sam Bayer (Teen Spirit, American Idiot) – the new trailer gives a good indication of the overall tone of the picture, and how the nightmare sequences will be visualized. Like all of Platinum Dunes  efforts so far – the remake appears to be dark and bloody, but  in an extremely glossy-hollywood way. Dont get me wrong- the trailer is well put together, but it almost too good-looking for its own good…and I`m not just referring to the cast!  I am a little disappointed to see that the majority of the picture appears to be a beat by beat re-tread of its source material. Most of originals classic scenes appear to be here, with the addition of a modern polish . This is fine for those who are new to the series, but potentially boring to fans of the original. This is just a guess-work at this point, but I suspect that moments from other nightmare sequels will be re-hashed to. Some of the dream sequences in this trailer look suspiciously similar to set pieces we have seen before in other NOES movies. This screams lazy screen writing to me – but time will tell. It is worth noting that a similar approach was used for their Friday the 13th Reboot – and look how that turned out…

As for Freddy himself (played by Jackie Hayley)- the trailer keeps him in shadows for the most part (so I am only going on the glimpses we see here) but I am still not convinced by the characters new look.  The producers have opted for a realistic take on the Kruger’s burns, which on paper sounds like a great idea, but he looks a little to reptilian-like for my tastes. Original actor Robert Englunds Pizza-esque makeup was never ment to be realistic, and it worked perfectly! Besides, the entire concept of  the movie isn’t realistic either – so why not exaggerate a little if it make things scarier? Worryingly, Jackie also appears to be re-using his Rorschach voice from Watchmen. The actor was undoubtedly brilliant in that part – I just he hope he isn’t just phoning Kruger in, and gives the character his own unique personality.

Anyway – as a Nightmare fan, I am still looking forward to this when it hits the UK in May. unfortunately my hopes for a truly good movie have been slashed somewhat by this trailers un-inspired claws.

Check out the movies poster below –


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