2010: A journey through film


Just how many Hollywood disasters can one get through in 2010?

Well, I’ve embraced that challenge, follow myself and Danjo as we watch (endure) ‘mainstream cinema’ in 2010

Seems apt to summarise progress so far – then follow us at https://whogoestheremovieops.wordpress.com

So far in 2010

Daybreakers – frankly nonsensical vampire farce, highlights include blood rations controlled by Starbucks employees and, mid interrogation, letting the chump go outside to make a phone call unescorted. 3/10

The Road – majestic and haunting visuals follow you long after the credits have rolled. A beautifully depressing film. Must see. 8/10

Edge of Darkness – Mel Gibson isnt just angry at religious groups but also ”the government” predictably up to nefarious things again. How this got a theatrical release is really a tale of ‘the little story that could’. Avoid! 4/10

Sherlock Holmes – Guy Ritchie makes grimey London look…well….grimey. Entertaining if unspectacular. 5/10

The Crazies – odd the film title was based on the writers and not the events of the film. The Crazies features government quarantine zones over thrown by yokels and some dubious understanding of how water, pipes and bacteria interact…Anyway, solid enough.6/10

The Book of Eli – Denzel Washington must take a Bible to Alcatraz where it can be archived safely. Thrilling! 5/10 

The Wolfman – blighted by backstage malarky, The Wolfman is a film bored of itself. Throw in a werewolf wrestling match! Just what the film needed. 5/10

Alice in Wonderland – read our reviews to see just why this film must be avoided like a Mike Tyson whisper. 1/10

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One Response to “2010: A journey through film”

  1. Danjo Kazooe Says:

    It begins….

    2010 has certainly gotten off to a rocky start. But hey, this is to be expected so early on in the year.

    I agree whole heartedly that The Road is the best film of the year so far. Not exactly a fun time at the movies, it is dark and depressing, yet strangely uplifting. The movie is full of moments and ideas that will stick with you long after you have left the cinema.

    Book of Eli takes place in an almost identical setting. But instead of being thoughtful, and moving – you are left bored, and distant from what is happening on screen. You get suckered into thinking that you’ll going to be getting a kickass post apocalyptic action movie, instead of the 2 hour bible class you actually get. If I wanted to be preached to, I would have let those Jehovah witnesses in today.

    Daybreakers -was hardly terrible, but some confused concepts and character actions stop this one from being considered anything other than mediocre. Fantastic to look at though.

    Edge of Darkness – BORING!

    2010 – a storm is coming…

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