Iron Man 2 Trailer Kicks Shiney Metal Ass!


The second full length trailer for this years Iron Man 2 went online today – and you know what? It rocks!

Let me begin with a little confession – the first Iron Man never really had much of an impact on me. Sure it was fun at the time, but I have never felt the desire to revisit it. Robert Downeys performance as Tony Stark made Iron Man the success that it was. Now im not saying he wasnt great in the role. He gave his character depth and personality- it’s just everything else seemed to have been forgotten. Where was the great action? The larger than life villain? This is a super hero movie afterall right? The movie suffered greatly in the action department, and this was my biggest problem with the movie…

…Fortunately, the follow-up looks like it is going to make amends for this in a big way! Not only does the trailer give a good indication of the movies story, but it also showcases some of the awesome action set pieces we can expect to see when the film hits in May!

Iron Man and War Machine kicking ass together? Sold!

Mickey Rourke f*ucking sh*t up with his electro-whips? Sold!

Scarlett Johanson looking good and kicking bottom? I`d buy that for a dollar!

It is also fun to see how Marvel are really starting to lay the foundations for the upcoming Avengers movie. For the non-geeks out there, Marvel Studios overall game plan is to tie in all of their already established Marvel movie characters  (the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor etc)  into one SUPER, super hero movie. This is hinted at in the trailer by the appearance of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Jackson is already signed on to star in the Avengers movie. For those keeping tab, you may also remember the closing credits scene in 2008s The Incredible Hulk – where Tony Stark speaks of putting together a special task force – wink wink!

Anyway, enough chit chat – check out the trailer below and let us know what you think!


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One Response to “Iron Man 2 Trailer Kicks Shiney Metal Ass!”

  1. goraxus Says:

    Wow thats OTT

    Like the first film but even more detached from reality

    Hmm. We’ll see

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