Kick Ass: A Response


Odd one out?

This film isn’t the 1/10 my heart goes with, or the 9/10 others may award it. My head settled on a 5/10 – and I feel deep down a review between 6-.7.5/10 would probably reflect this film in the minds of most.

Kick Ass gives us the interesting premise of ‘what would happen if an ‘’ordinary’’ guy attempted to be a ‘super hero?’’. Its initial hour attempts to be ‘realistic’, comedy yes – but with a firm grounding. As soon as our hero attempts to save the day he’s immediately stabbed – reality sets in. However, at this very moment reality seems to set in for the writers too – ‘where are we going with this?’

Super hero films rely on a certain implausibility – Iron Man’s suit absorb’s blows, perhaps – but inertia would kill the occupier. Batman’s grapple could lift a human adult easily – but would tear an arm from its socket and radiation never causes positive mutations. What do you do with a mortal super hero? The writer’s conclusion is ‘let’s go nuts’. Now, that’s not a problem – hell, you can make a film about anything. Issue being – why give us this sappy ‘’chic’’ flick opening? Why set our world in realism only to deviate abruptly? But lo, we aren’t ready to completely give up ‘realism’ – our hero is mortal but his supporting cast need not be – thus ‘kick ass’ is the eye of the hurricane, an apparently clam centre surrounded on all sides by chaos.

It’s down hill from there. Out comes the frat boys – gay jokes, (yey!), semi naked teenage girl (yey), bit of ‘ya know, whatever’ grunge cynicism – oh its all here! Anyway, a ‘hero’ needs a villain – so we get ‘Italian American cliché mobster no#7’. Heath Ledger’s Joker was evil, he was vicious – he was also a little bit cool. This lot could have been saved with a knowing wink – but are played as if they have a credibility that they really, really don’t. Again, this isn’t a huge problem – but the film then features them slicing, dicing and er…icing (yeah, that will do).

Not enough to be simply ludicrous we now have to be vicious. I’m big enough and ugly enough to take violence in a film – what I can’t take is sadism. Immediately my thoughts were of the chav thugs your typical cinema is infested with. I’m armed with a brain and a moral compass that seems to point north (or to good, I’m not such which is more apt for this ramble…), but are they? Who’s getting ideas from this, is John Venables sitting behind me on a day release? What was this stuff doing in a ‘comedy’?!

Our film concludes with jetpacks, a bazooka, a kid lying in a pool of their own blood, matrix stunts and Hostel outtakes. Horrah! How did we get here? I sat down to watch a comedy and left having seen Nicholas Cage burnt to death – that’s got to be one hell of a plot twist! Qurky teen growing pains >Super Hero movie>Hostel – either that’s one hell of a bad triple bill or an embarrassing lack of internal cohesion. Perhaps the film got bored of itself or maybe in a cynical attempt to get that 14-21 demographic they jazzed it up?

Frankly I settle on the ‘the writers are jock bastards’ explanation.

5/10 – Kick Ass has a good premise and a likeable cast – and then became some chav farce. It’s not a bad film, and you’re not a chav for liking it (though you probably are!) but it was far too crude for me.



One Response to “Kick Ass: A Response”

  1. Danjo Kazooe Says:

    Which movie were you watching?…

    The fact that you compare the Saw franchise to Kick Ass is just bizarre! 😛

    Dont me wrong, I like the Saw series too – but the violence in Saw is graphic and sadistic – not to mention realistic.

    The violence in KA is just comic book violence. Violence so OTT and cartoony that I honestly cant see anyone being offended by it.

    Lets face facts – the violence in Kick Ass is incidental to its narrative. In the Saw series, the narrative is incidental to its violence.

    Now I`m not saying Kickass doesn’t have its fair share of blood and guts. It does. It just doesn’t dwell or revel in it. The Saw movies do.

    They arent labelled Torture Porn for no good reason afterall.

    At the end of the day everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion (even if it is wrong ;)) but I do believe you are being particularly hard on this movie for reasons that I just don’t see myself.

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