Repo Men: A Response


Repo men is no way near as cool or clever as it thinks it is. In fact, the movies stupidity is far more painful to endure than any of its graphic surgery scenes.

As mention in James`s review, the movie had the potential to be a fun, trashy B-movie. But the lack of talent behind the lense, and a contrived and plot riddled script are just to potent to be ignored. This movie is a real stinker!

The basic concept is relatively interesting. A company offering the desperate an extension on their lives at a price is not to hard to buy into. In-fact I would be more surprised if there wasnt some form of this service in the not so distant future! It’s just that the movies morbidly satirical setup gets dumber, and dumber with every scene – to point where its climatic moments almost made me walk out of the cinema in sheer frustration! I wanted to keep the few remaining brain cells I had left intact while I still had the chance!

In the films defense – Jude Law (Remy) gives it his all, and delivers a tough and earnest performance. It’s just a shame that the reality he brings to the role is over-shadowed by the bullshit plotting and dialogue. On top of that, while charismatic – the characters morales are, lets say – confused! Lemy goes from a cold and callous murderer for hire, to a thoughtful and compassionate champion of humans rights in the space of literally one scene! There is no subtilty or emotional conflict on display here. This sudden change of heart (no pun intended) gets even more muddled as Lemy then proceeds to kill almost anyone (and I mean anyone) that stands in his way during the second act! Hum…

These moral contradictions are clearly not intentional either – just bad screen writing.

Forest Whitaker plays Remy`s cocky and un-balanced partner Jake. Whitaker is a great actor, but is horribly miscast here. Whitaker just can’t pull of the crazy, urban-badass thing. It’s just not him. Forrest, put your Training Day DVD away and leave these kind of roles to Samuel L. Jackson and Denzil. 

Whitaker is simply embarrassing in the movie.

Ok, so Repo Men sounds pretty bad so far – but what about the action? Well those who will happily endure a terrible plot, as long as the action is good – should also avoid this one! The minimal action that the film offers is un-inspired and usually ripped off from far better movies (e.g – Old Boy) I also found the violence to be far to gritty and mean-spirited to be enjoyable. Dont get more wrong, I have no objection to movie violence. In fact, I love it – assuming it doesn’t feel sleazy or sadistic. Sadly this movie is exactly that. 

My main qualm is that most of the violence in Repo Men involves the glorification of knives. A gun shot isn’t as vicious or as personal as a blade to the flesh. Watching bad guys get blown away in a blaze of gun fire can undoubtedly be fun. Watching innocent people getting their throat slashed and stomachs gutted (in slow motion) to a hip, heart-pounding sound track doesn’t quite have the same appeal, and just feels wrong. Nasty stuff.

Admittedly, the movie does end on a half-decent plot twist that accounts for some the retardedness (thats a word right?) we have had to endure up until that point. You almost get the impression that the filmmakers realized that they had maybe pushed the boundaries of believability a little too far, and slapped on the ending in a last-ditch attempt to salvage its audience. Unfortunately the damage is already done, and the twist is too little too late.

Incase you havent clocked it yet – I really didn’t like this movie. In the hands of a more capable director (such as Paul Verhoeven for example) this grisly concept could have worked – but as it stands, it fails on all counts. What a shame that a good cast and a clever premise was so wasted on this stupid and violently sadistic mess. AVOID!




2 Responses to “Repo Men: A Response”

  1. James Says:

    I’m intrigued by their toothpaste styled narcotic, ohh minty!

  2. Danjo Kazooe Says:

    It was red cocaine I think. In the future cocaine is red..


    Blade II and Daybreakers had red cocaine too. It made more sense in those movie because the drug was crossed with blood…

    …I should probably stop wasting my time discussing this shouldnt I?

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