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July 25, 2010

Inception – For those who have yet to see it – prepare for a long two hours of derivitive pseudointellectual nonsense. 


Splice – Species anyone? An unconventional take on a conventional topic. Perhaps needed a bit more courage, but solid enough


The A Team – was the director battling the clock? Everything is at 100 mph – slow down and enjoy things or crash. This film crashed




July 8, 2010

Our lead, (Adrien Brody), seems like a sophisticated black ops operative – quickly taking charge of a situation, he knows how to fight and how to kill.

He doesn’t know that if the sky is full of large planets then your probably not on Earth anymore. Guess the CIA don’t teach that.

So, Predators grab humans to hunt. Humans that sometimes arent even armed – some of them aren’t even soldiers. Seems like an odd ”challenge”. When your predator friends get chalked off faster than a teen in a slasher film then it starts to make sense – if you cant handle the weak, your not going to pick on the strong

Zero characterisation (we dont even get names), DVD quality effects and plot holes galore Predators was a total waste of my time – 3/10